Monday, 12 May 2014

Things I Have Learnt About Myself

Since becoming a Mummy I think I have finally found my identity. I have definately learnt alot about myself in such a short space of time.

- I am A Complete Worry Wart
Before becoming a Mummy I didn't really worry about much, not consciously anyway and if I did it was probably about pointless things anyway. Now I worry about everything. Is Scarlett too hot? Too cold? Is she being sick because she has over eaten or because she is poorly? Is she getting enough milk now that shes started sleeping through the night? If she sleeps for too long, is she still breathing? Am I doing this right? Is this hurting her? Everything that I could possibly worry about - I do!

- I Can Show My Feelings
Well it's more like I do show my feelings as I don't really have a choice because when it comes to Scarlett I cannot help but express my feelings otherwise they would simply overwhelm me and I would explode!! My family have also said that I am a lot nicer person (not that I was horrible) since having Scarlett as I am more compassionate and thoughtful. The saying is true, 'you don't know what love is until you have a child of your own!'
Taken from pinterest

- It's Okay To Ask For Help
I've never really liked asking for help, I guess I'm stubborn. But since having Scarlett I've learnt to ask for help, mainly due to my worrying! I'll ask my Mum's thoughts on something that is worrying me and usually she makes me see it clearer. If I need to get ready but Scarlett is unsettled I'll ask my Mum to watch her whilst I shower. Life is a lot easier if you ask for help!

- I'm Stronger Than I Think
Being a new parent is hard. You are faced with all these new, different and unusual things and it is hard to adjust. You will resent your old life and sometimes you will feel like your not up to the challenge, but you are! Everything happens for a reason and you have been blessed with a baby because your baby needs you! When Scarlett smiles at me, it makes everything worth it and it gives me a reason to continue doing what I'm doing!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

New blog

The Smallest Of Things has been born!

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Friday, 9 May 2014

#MummyEssentialProject | Week Two:Clothing

It is the second week of Mummy's Essentials by 'Mummy Bloggers' and it focuses on the essential clothing items for your little one.

- Sizes
For some reason we thought we were going to have a big baby so did not go mad on newborn sized clothes, we brought mostly 0-3 months, with a few up to 1 month. However she was born at 7lb 10oz so the outfits we took to the hospital swamped her! We were very lucky though as family brought her newborn clothes the day she was born so we had clothes to dress her in and they obviously I enjoyed shopping for yet more clothes! I would recommend getting a few of the essentials (bodysuits and sleepsuits) in newborn, up to 1 month and 0-3 months. Scarlett has only just started wearing 0-3 month clothes and shes over 2 months old!

I would recommend thinking about the time of year it is when your baby is due as I brought a snowsuit in both newborn and 0-3 months. We only used her snowsuit a few times when she was first born, once being when she came home from the hospital and she probably won't get any wear out of her 0-3 months (if the weather remains nice).

- Bodysuits
I swear by these. Scarlett wears one under every outfit, whether that be a sleepsuit or a dress because I don't want her to get a chill on her mid-drift. They also look very comfortable and will stop any uncomfortable clothing irritating her skin. She has mostly white vests (although I was tempted to buy all pretty colours) as it is practical and can be worn under anything.

I think comfort is one of the main things to consider when dressing your baby. Scarlett spent her first few weeks in sleepsuits or comfortable trousers and a top. They don't have to look boring either. We got plain sleepsuits for her to sleep in and pretty sleepsuits for her to wear during the day. (You can see my post on my favourite sleepsuits here.) Sleepsuits are practical as well as comfortable as you don't have to take them off to change a nappy (and you have to do lots of them with a newborn) so again I would recommend getting a few in each size.

- Hats, Socks and Scratchmittens
We went slightly overboard with hats because we brought some and then lots of her sleepsuits came with a matching hat. However we only used a hat for the first few days as they now don't recommend your baby wearing them indoors. We did use a hat when we went out though to keep her head warm but you could probably get away with only having 3. Alot of her hats are not going to get any use because we are going into summer so she will need a sun hat.
Socks are a must have thought if you plan on dressing your baby in outfits as there feet are one of the places they lose the most heat.
Again we went slightly overboard with scratchmittens because everywhere you look they are written in essential lists. We got some tiny ones and some larger ones so that we definately had some that would fit her. However we used them for the first few days and then the Health Visitor said its very good for babies to feel things as they wave their hands around so we stopped using them apart from at night because her little hands got cold. Somehow she managed to take them off at night so we stopped using them at night too! Also alot of sleepsuits these days have built in scratchmittens.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Gap Haul

We visited Windsor on bank holiday Monday (you can see this post here) and GAP had 30% off which ended that day, so obviously I just had to have a look. There clothes are just so cute! I would of brought the whole of the baby section if I could but I managed to limited myself to 5 items! I thought I would share them with you.

Top left to bottom right:
Star Flutter Dress usually £12.95 but I paid £9.06
Paddington Bear for Gap Pleat Top was in the sale for £8.99
Lace Trim Leggings in Calypso Coral usually £6.95 but I paid £3.50
Balloon Graphic Bodysuit usually £6.95 but I paid £3.50
Dot Print Logo Pant usually £8.95 but I paid £6.26
I cannot wait to dress Scarlett in these outfits, she is definately a Gap baby! They are just the cutest and I even saved myself £13.48. What do you think?

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Todays Thoughts

Whilst sitting on the sofa this morning watching Lorraine, Scarlett snoozing next to me, it dawned on me just how much my life has changed in the last year.

James and I have been together for 6 years, 7 in August, but in the last year we have achieved more than we did in those 6 years.

- We Moved Out
A year ago, on the 4th May 2013 (I will always remember that date, 'May the 4th be with you!'), we finally moved in with eachother in our own little flat. It was perfect for us and we were finally moving forward in our relationship! It was so lovely coming home to James everynight after work, although I missed my Mum so bad.

- We Were Pregnant
Now I can't remember the exact date (I wish I could) but just after my 21st birthday in June, we found out we were pregnant!! It was such a shock because I didn't plan to get pregnant so soon, but I would not change it for the world. I had not long been promoted to Assistant Manager at work and I felt like I was letting people down. But once I got over the initial shock I felt this instant feeling of love and I just knew this was going to be the only thing that mattered to me! I had a tiny human growing inside of me and I could not be happier. I struggled to get used to being pregnant at first, so would hide my bump under scarfs etc. It wasn't until the end of my pregnancy that I finally embraced my bump! If it wasn't for the bump you wouldn't of even known I was pregnant. I had such a lovely pregnancy, apart from SPD, and can honestly say I thoroughly enjoyed it and missed it once she was here!

- James Proposed
I remember James saying we should get married before the baby was due, but I managed to talk him down (I didn't want a rushed wedding as I only plan on marrying once and want it to be perfect). After all we weren't even engaged!
Then on our 6 year anniversary James took me to London for the day and we visited all of my favourite places. It's all a bit of a blur but whilst walking through Green Park we sat on a log to admire the views and next think I know James was down on one knee infront of me, a simply beautiful ring glistening in the sun! I honestly could not tell you what he said, but I said "YES!" and hugged him so tight. I was engaged to my best friend!!!

- Our Baby Was Born
On 2nd March 2014 (12 days overdue!) our beautiful baby girl, Scarlett Jane, was born! Our little family was complete (for now) and I felt feelings I didn't even know were possible! That day I believe I was born too. From that day on I was going to spend every day loving my baby with all my heart.

Before Scarlett I wasn't really passionate about anything. I felt that my life was made up of going to work, coming home, going to bed, getting up and doing it all again! Now my life has a purpose and a direction.

Our little family <3

Monday, 5 May 2014

Scarlett's First Proper Day Out!

Because it's bank holiday Monday, we went for a family day out. My Mum, sister Charlotte, Scarlett and I took a trip to Windsor.

I think everyone else may have had the same idea though as we queued for quite a while before finally getting into Windsor. Then there was the tiny matter of finding somewhere to park and that proved quite difficult. Eventually after driving around numerous car parks for about an hour we finally found somewhere to park. Needless to say Scarlett did not enjoy any of the above!!
The weather was okay in Windsor but not as nice as it was in Hertfordshire yesterday. However I much prefer the views in Windsor to Hertfordshire. It is somewhere I would consider living as it would be lovely to have somewhere nice to take a stroll and it is somewhere I would love to ride my bicycle (that I do not own yet, but is on my list of things to buy!)
Once parked we took a stroll through a beautiful park and watched everyone playing in the fountains. I cannot wait until Scarlett is old enough to do these things (not that I am wishing her life away!). Then we mooched around the shops and once again I found myself buying yet more baby clothes, as Gap had 30% off which ended today, so I didn't want to miss out!! We then grabbed an icecream and walked down the River Thames, Scarlett loved looking at the water. Next to the river was yet another park/green where people gathered in groups and were having barbeques, playing games and just generally having fun! It made me wish I had a big family to do this with, although I love my family the way it is!

I used to visit Windsor when I was a small child with my Nana and Grandad so it was lovely to return and relive these memories but with Scarlett and her Nana. There are lots of old photo's of my sisters and I outside Windsor Castle and I remember my Nana used to tell us if the flag was flying it meant the queen was there. We always got so excited thinking we were going to meet the queen, obviously we never did! The castle was beautiful just how I remembered and just as in the old photos.

Scarlett loved her day in Windsor just as I did as a child! I hope to make many more memories with Scarlett and her Nana, like I did with my Nana and Grandad.

I would definately recommend a trip to Windsor if you have not been before. Even if you have, go back, it is so peaceful in a busy way!

I hope you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend!

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Good Morning Britain

Hello lovelies,

Whilst watching Good Morning Britain at 6.30am, as Scarlett decided this was a good time to awaken, I was disgusted by what I was hearing! Did any of you see it?

A doctor talking about taking into account the age and health of a person and determining whether cancer drugs should be rationed for elderly patients. I think this is absolutely disgusting! 

Through personal experiences, I feel elderly people are not helped enough considering they are the people who have made our lives the way they are now! We are further letting them down if we deny them the treatment for cancer, such an evil disease! 

Why should it be acceptable to let elderly people suffer? Just because they've lived their lives? Why should they lose their right to life?

I could not imagine how I would feel if I was told my grandparents were denied a potentially life saving drug! I would be absolutely heartbroken. 

I hope this never comes into place because every elderly person is either a parent, sibling or some family member of someone somewhere!

Rant over!
Have a lovely bank holiday Monday everyone :)